Clipping Path Service

Clipping path service is very important. Because it fixes the faults of the photo. For example, if you have any unwanted spots on the photo, it will remove it. Besides, this service will give the perfect the background, best color contrast and so on. Thus, our service makes your photo extra ordinary.  

Clipping Path is a popular online service. Photo editing is not very easy task. Because it needs to think about a lot of aspects. Moreover, you need to make a successful combination among them. For the removal of the background, at first, we make a outline of the image by the pen tool. The we remove the background and the additional substances.  After that, we create a suitable color combination. And finally we ensure a good resolution of the image. Thus if you have a rough image, we turn it into a soft and smooth one. 

Different Clipping Path Service:

Basic Clipping Path​

Basic Clipping Path

This type of image clipping path is the basic one. In this service, we simply remove the outside of the path and keep the inside one. And after that, we perform a little amount of modification for a good photo.

complex clipping path

Simple Clipping Path

Simple image Clipping Path is later to the basic one. Here besides the clipping path, we additionally perform some simple editing techniques. In this case, we apply different types of features as suitable to the images.

cliping path service

Medium Clipping Path

Medium clipping path combines a few complex features along with some easy ones. In this case, the number of the edge points are more than the basic and simple clipping path edit services. For example, in case of foods, trees, lamps, watches etc.

Clipping path center

Complex Clipping Path

In complex type of clipping path, the object contain a lot of edge points. For example, in case of jewelries. After cutting it from its real background, a suitable background is provided. Besides, the light and shadow balance is also maintained.

complex clipping path

Super Complex Path

The objects contain super complex paths and edges. In this case, the object is super complex. It contains a lot of holes and rough edges. So, it demands a lot of time and combination to make a perfect image. After that post background removal features are also done.

Supper complex clipping path

Multiple Clipping Path

The object contains a mass of rough edges and complex background. Sometimes it contains interconnected curves that are hard to separate. At last, some complex post modifying features are performed.

In  the today’s world that you need to use internet and technology everywhere. If you are involved in business, you must use the digital platforms like social media for your advertisement purpose. And for this reason, the image editing is very important. Because, in the competitive business world, a perfect photo of your product will keep your foot step ahead of your competitor. Specially, a perfect photo is a must if your business is related to clothing, fashion or design. For this reason, we are here to help you. We will help to make your photo more presentable and lively to your customers.

What is clipping path?

Clipping path is a kind of photo editing and retouching service using different photo manipulating software. Among them the mostly used one is Photoshop. This service is also known as close path service. 

When an image contain unnecessary things with necessary things and non relative background, we apply  clipping path service. We cut the image from the background, give a suitable background and fix the color contrast.At first we use the Photoshop pen tool and draw an outline of the image. Then we remove the unnecessary things from the image. If the background is complex eg. containing fur or hair, we use another  image masking.

Why clipping path is necessary ?

An image worth saying thousands word. In internet, a perfect image can reach to twice more people that an article within the same time. Picture can attract attention so easily than nothing can. So, you must give a vast importance on your photo. 

Now,think about one thing. You have a simply clicked raw image and your competitor has a high resolution edited perfect image. So,if you keep your images together, whose one will get the more attention? 

The answer will be, your competitor’s one.

If your photo contain any spot, or blur or irrelevant background, it will make your photo to present before your customers in an  unprofessional way. Besides, your photo is not as the requirements of today’s marketplace like E-bay, Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress etc.

 Most of the e-commerce platforms product images with no background. Its quite impossible to click such type of background. So, you must use the clipping path  to manage the background.

The benefits of clipping path

For the following reasons, you should use the clipping path services:

For Photography Purpose

To be a successful photographer, your images need to be faultless. You need to have a attractive color contrast. You also need to remove the unnecessary objects. You need to be very careful. Because even a small fault in your image can destroy the total image quality. So, to be a perfect photographer, you must use the clipping path in your images.

To stay ahead in competition

The photo editing industry is becoming competitive day by day. If your are a photographer you must provide your customer photos with better qualities than your competitor give. If you own a business on e-commerce platforms, the same advice is for you then. Otherwise, you will fall behind  in the competition. 

Drive traffic to shop

A high quality image attract more people than the low quality ones. Also, the photos get shared more times. This a high quality photo helps to increase your sell in a organic way. So, if you want a perfect photo for your business purpose, you need to take service from a photo retouching service. Photoshop image editing is the best way to make your photo eye-catching. 

It helps your customer to understand your photo well.  .

A day demanding service

This is the time going that requires the perfect thing. That is why, photo retouching service is becoming a trend. Comparing to the other online services of today, clipping path is a different one.  So, you need hire a professional photo editor to have an attractive and perfect photo. Thus, it will help you to keep pace with the trend.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you use any automated software in case of editing?

No. we do all our editing manually using Photoshop. The automatic software are not for commercial photographs. Because the photos need to be perfect. The automated software cant not give the correct background removal or color contrast. Sometimes the whole image quality gets down. And low quality photos can create a negative impact on your images. So, we never use any automatic software. 


When will you delivery my photo?

It depends on the types of photo and the service you select.  Generally it needs 2-12 hours to complete a photo. We take maximum three days interval for the delivery of your photo. If the project is large, then we need to discuss with you and inform you before starting your project. Again, if you have a special order, we can make you a super fast delivery.

How can I send my photos to you?

By any possible way as you prefer. You can mail us, send in whats app, share by google drive or using any other way. You can senf us image in any format.

How to communicate with you?

You can text or call us on whats app, skype, mail or using any social media platforms. Again you may directly call us.

Why should you choose us?

Clipping paths center is an online based photo editing and graphic design company. We provide different clipping path services such as background removal Service, shadow creation service, photo retouching service, image masking service and so on.

1. All our photo editing is done by experienced and famous experts. Each one has an experiments of about more than 10 years experiences. 

2. To give you the best quality, we never use any automatic software . We use Photoshop pen tool to remove the background and we do all the proceedures manually.

3. We provide the quality service at a very reasonable price.

4. We have 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service, then we we repay the money.

5. 24/7 customer care service.