Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service is the service of removing or adding the mannequin or model of a product. It allows the product to look better and standard. Ghost mannequin effect is very important because it adds life to a product.

As a result, it greatly helps in good sell generating.

Why Ghost Mannequin Service is Necessary?​

In the cloth industry, usually, models are used for photography. But in the case of the product displaying in websites, we need a clear view. The view should be not only realistic but also attractive. So, in this case, ghost mannequin effect greatly helps.

Again, in case of adding model in cloths or products, it also helps. Because live modeling is sometimes costly. In this case, the ghost mannequin service makes it at a cheap rate. Our professionals efficiently add the neck, or legs, body, or any other part.

They make it look natural and realistic. So, when the buyers see the product photos, it gives them a feel as if they have worn it. It will help you to increase your sell.

Ghost Model

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Effect

Though the name is ghost mannequin, it is not something like the ghost or, scary. It is a photography modification service, where we remove the background from the product image.

 Brands and retailers usually take photos of the products eg. cloths using a dummy. has the ability to remove the arms, neck and other appendages. This makes the product appear to be floating. It doesn’t cover the inside view of the product neck. It shows the proper product with full details like inside color and inside tag. This contains various details about the product. 

Ghost mannequin effect service provides a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

1. Better Product Photo:

The success of e-commerce greatly depends on product photography.

Using ghost mannequin service gives your photo a realistic touch. It gives the customer a feeling that they are wearing it. So, your product gets more attention. Thus, the feel more desire to buy your product.

In the competitive business world, many are selling the same product as you. So, you need to be ahead of your competitors. You need to make your product look different from others. Because it will help to attract the attention of your customers.

That is why using ghost mannequin effect is a very good business strategy.

2. Cheap Cost:

Real model photography is a matter of time and cost. If you’re a small business holder, sometimes, it becomes hard for you to hire a model and make photography. Then, the ghost mannequin service is a blessing for you.

Ghost mannequin is a cheap cost service. You can make your photos as the same as you did by real model photography. Here, the great advantage is, you can modify a hundred images at the cost of one image using model.

3. Saves Your Time:

Ghost mannequin service not only saves your money but also saves your time. Because, in real model photography, most of the time, it becomes hard to get the schedule. Again, hiring the photographer, making the set also requires time. Moreover, sometimes, it becomes hard to get the proper expression from the model.

If you use ghost mannequin company, they will deliver all of your images within a very limited time. Also, the cost is cheap. So, you can confidently take the service of our website. 

4. Builds Up Your Brand:

By using mannequin service, you can make thousands of standard of product photography. So, it will greatly help you to build up your brand.       

Making up a brand is not easy. It requires a lot of products with a lot of good photography. Ghost mannequin service provides you thousands of standard image within a very short time. Also, at a cheap cost.  So, they help you to establish your brand easily and quickly.

5. Catches Customer Attention:

When a customer goes to an e-commerce site and searches for a particular product, hundreds of same product come. Among them, the customer tries to find out an exceptional one to click on.

When your product will contain a model, it will help to attract attention more. So, the buyer will click on your product and purchase it. Because everybody wants to purchase for the better. And making a product look different seems like it is worthy for purchase.

6. Makes the Image Realistic:

 When your product is on a model, it gives the product a realistic touch. Moreover, the image becomes more clear and attractive. So, when it will appear before your customer, they will want to purchase it.

Because, it will make them trust that the product is not only perfect looking, but also the quality is great. This customer belief will turn him as a regular client of your business.