Image Background Removal Service

Image background removal service is very important. Because it is the service of removing the unwanted image background. It not only erases the background but also makes the photos more attractive & eye catching by editing it.  

Why Image Background Removal Service is Necessary?

Removal of Unwanted Substances

When you make product photography, a lot of unwanted things come into the photo. These things take the attention of the customers away from the main product. Sometimes, they contain such things that you never want to show to others. So, you need to remove them. And in this case, this service helps you.

Creating Focus on Main Product

Besides, by removing the unnecessary things from background, it creates a focus on the main product.

 When a harmony less background remains, it makes the photo boring to look at. So, the customers tend to push it back as soon as possible while pulling the timeline.  Because he wants to find out something catchy that worth money. And image background removal service helps in this case.

full image masking

 Again, when a lot of things come into the background, it makes the photo look messy. So, in this case, removing unnecessary things is really important. Because it takes away the focus from the main product. Sometimes, the customer becomes confused about the main product. It also impacts negatively on the quality of the product & service from the viewpoint of the customer.   

Helpful for E-Commerce Site 

In the case of the e-commerce sites, usually, there is a tough competition among the same category products. Besides, the buyers also want to a very clear and realistic picture of the product.

Photo background removal service or clipping path service greatly helps in this case.  It changes all the weakness of the photo eg. removing  unwanted spots on the photo; making a perfect color contrast; removing extra substances, beautifying the background, etc.

Thus this service makes your product different from others. So, this difference makes your product special.  And people always want to purchase the special.                               

To Create the Balance of Light and Shadow

The shade and light are the two most important things to consider in an image. While making product photography by the camera, it sometimes becomes hard to make a perfect combination of light & shadow. So, later, it needs to fix the problem.

By creating the perfection of light and shadow, clipping path service makes the photo more realistic and beautiful.

Making the Image Dynamic

During the photo session,  some unnecessary things come to the image. They take the quality of the image down.  So, by erasing them, the photo can be made dynamic. It also helps to make the photo more attractive.

In the case of an ad , the photo quality should be catchy. It should stir up the desire to click on the image in the mind of the viewers.

Highlight the Product by Image Background Removal Service

Clean and clutter free images are needed to highlight the product. It gives breath and adds vibe to the image.  It increases the quality of the photo. Background removal helps to increase the popularity of your business.

Selecting the Perfect Background

The background of an image tells a story. It acts as the base of the photo. Background removal is not always just removing the present background; it is also adding the perfect one.

Our team tries their best to provide you the best service. We have a very efficient and intelligent team who finds out the perfect background for your image. They also make the image telling its story in its own way. So, you can test our clipping path and background remove service confidently.

For Fixing of Vague and Rubbed Image 

Old is gold. Some pictures are more than their age. The Old day pictures are full of memories. But unfortunately, sometimes lose their quality. Eg. Some become vague, becomes unclear and rubbed in some places on it. But we understand how precious your old memories holding photos are! So, we are removing all the abnormalities and making them as new as they were taken at that time.

Thus our clipping path and background removal services are helping people a lot.

Categories :

Basic Image Background Removal Service:

It is the service of removal of background from an image. They usually have less than six anchor point. So, the background can be removed easily by straight, round, rectangular, etc curves using the pen tool. This type of image does not contain gaps inside the image.

Like- a clock, book, etc

Background Removal Service

Simple Image Background Removal Service:

This service is used in case of the images which are curved but less curved. Also, if they contain gaps, the gap number is less also. They are simpler than the other type of complex images.  

Like- shoe, t-shirt, bangles, etc

Background Removal

Medium Photo Background Removal Service:

The photos which have anchor points with multi-paths are used in this category. The image generally contains many gaps or layers. They are quite complex in nature.

Eg. Wheels, car parts, rings, etc.

Removal Service

Complex Photo Background Remove Service

These images are like the before ones with more complexity and curving. The require more technical skill and time to remove the background perfectly.

Eg. Tree leaves, chains, etc

Complex Photo Background Remove Service​

Extra Complex Image Background Remove Service

The images are super complex. Contains so many gaps and curves.  Removing the background is really tough here. It is also time-consuming. Among all the other types, it is the hardest one.

Eg. Combination of wheels, fabrics, wrings, etc

Methods of Image Background Removal:

There are usually two methods of removal of the image background. They are 1. Clipping Path Method and 2. Advanced Method.

1. Clipping Path Method of Background Removal

It is the best way of background removal. Because it is a hand-drawn way. So, it gives the perfect and correct background. Sometimes, the images become complex. In this case, it is safer to use the clipping path method. Because it ensures the perfect cut of the image. In this case, we generally use a pen tool.


2. Advanced Method:

 If the subject is more complicated like hair, the combination of substances, we need to use the advanced method.  Because in this case, the photo editing techniques are advanced. Also, background adjustment becomes kind of difficult. We make a combination of different tools like pen tool, eraser, clipping mask, etc. Thus, we add life to an image and make it more perfect.