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Photo manipulation services  are very important. Because photo manipulation has become a trend now a days. Photo manipulation adds a unique dimension to the photos. The most common Image manipulation service is photo mannequin service.

In photo manipulation we follow several techniques. These include clipping path, photo  masking, image retouching, background enhancement, shading, fixing contrast and so on.Our techniques are unique. They help us to deliver the highest levels of photo quality.

The duration to perform photo manipulation depends on the quality of the photos. Photograph manipulation is one of the most great techniques of image processing which results in a photo of completely amazing form.

Photo Manipulation
What is  Photo Manipulation?

Photo manipulation is a photo editing technique to create an illusion in it. It helps to increase the quality of the photo. This process turns a simple photo into a special one. It is the most creative form of photo manipulation. Also, this is a complicated process. Because in this case, each photo represents a theme. The photo-expert carefully needs to develop the theme. Besides, different types of cultural and artistic impacts are added here. That is why it is time-consuming as well. So, the expert needs to be highly creative and skilled.

It is one of the most innovative and creative image editing services. It requires the ability of highly creative thinking to provide an abstract look to an image. We do photo manipulation mainly for advertisement and magazine cover purpose. Also, we use it making posters and digital wallpapers. These images bear the message, indicates things and make people to think about something.

Photo manipulation service turns our imagination into artwork. Here, a picture expresses a thousand words. It is the best creative form of an image.

The original image gets highly improved in this manipulation. In this process, we remove unwanted objects. Then add the necessary items and color correction to create a perfect photo. This is also helpful in the business and advertisement sector.

Neck Joint On Ghost Mannequin

Neck Joint On Ghost Mannequin

Neck Joint On Ghost Mannequin

Neck Joint On Ghost Mannequin

Invisible Mannequin Service

Invisible Mannequin Service​

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost Mannequin Effect​

Process of Photo Manipulation Service

At first, we scan the photographs. Or, if you send us the scan copies, we directly use them. It is a diverse process. Then our experts start working on them. The usually use Photoshop. In some cases, only Photoshop is not enough. That time, they use some additional software. We never use any kind of automatic software. Our experts do all of them manually.

In image manipulation service, usually more than one images are combined in one image. Then some objects are removed and some are newly added. Sometimes, we change the background. Photo colorizing is a very important function. We carefully change the color or fix the color contrast. In this process, the editor creates his own piece of art, or according to the clients choice.

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