Product Photo Editing Service / Product Photo Retouching Service

Product photo editing service is very important for business purpose. Because, e-commerce platforms are very competitive now. Usually many sellers sell the same products at the same same platform. So, your product need to be different looking and attractive. Thus, you can easily get more clicks comparing your competitors. Thereby, the product photo retouching service helps in sell generating.

Products are very important. Because your products need to be clear and attractive. In this case your photography should be good. Because it will make your customers to be confident about your service. So, they will go to purchase for your product.

After the e-product photography, product photo editing is a must. Without photo editing, it is hard to give your photo a perfect look. Whether you are using Amazon, Ebay, Estay, Alibaba, Lazada, Shopify etc you must edit your photos

Types of Product Photo Editing

Product photo background remove

ecommerce image editing

The background of product photo is very important to make a good impression. The background quality greatly affects the quality of the product photography. It may add value or completely destroy the picture quality. A low-quality background will create a negative effect on your audiences. 

Cropping image

Product photo retouching and enhancement​

Cropping the product photo is very necessary to remove the unnecessary things. By removing unwanted things, we keep the main product on the focus of the audience.  By cropping we remove the imperfection and boring objects from the photo and make it perfect.

Ghost mannequin effect

Image masking

Ghost mannequin effect meets the need for a model. We artificially make the product worn by a model that looks like just a real one. Ghost mannequin or image manipulation effect helps to give your customers feel about how they will look with the product when then will wear it.

Product photo retouching

Product photo retouching​

A photo becomes more good looking after the final retouching. So, the customers easily gets attracted to it. We have a very efficient photo retouching team to help you in this case.

Image Masking

Background Removal Service

Image masking service give your photo a attractive vibe. By creating different effects  we can make your photo more lively.

Color adjustment

Color correction is a very important thing. Because the color contrast gives the final touch of a photo. If the editing is perfect, but the color is not, then it becomes meaningless. Besides, it becomes non attractive. Again, a vivid color can easily add life to a photo. Moreover, colorful products get easily attracted by the customers.

Shadow creation

Shadow creation service gives your image a realistic feel. However, we can add a shadow so that it looks as real photography

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We give you a 100% money back guarantee. So, after completing the work, if you don’t like the quality, we will redo it.